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Hello, Cooper. What activities are you doing this summer?

Sports. Lots of sports. I’m going to a lot of sports camps this summer. Also, I read. Reading!!!

Tell us about a book that you have read multiple times.

Six innings. It’s a book about these kids in a championship baseball game for their baseball league, and the book essentially just plays through, and changes the point of view many times.

How many times have you read it? What draws you to it?

I’ve read it about 5-6 times, I think 6. What draws me to it is that I play baseball, and it’s pretty much about two teams playing baseball. I also like to read it because after a game, I sometimes get upset about a play I missed or when I struck out. In the book, it happens plenty of times.

There is a story about a baseball game in this book and there is a story about the friendship between two boys. Which story is essential to make the book enjoyable? Would you read a story about friendship without a baseball game in it?

I think the story is so enjoyable because it has a mix of the friends being one person playing, one not because of a sort of injury (not giving spoilers, you can read the book if you like) and the injured guy is the person announcing/scoring the game. I also like how it mixes true competition with friendship and humor. It’s a good book.

What are the common elements of books you find yourself liking? If you read about a book on the back cover, what topics would you get excited about?

I usually get excited about sports and emotion combined, or lots of action-packed books.

Apart from a good story, what else is important to you to make you like a book? Is the writing important? Humor?

I just like how there is lots of baseball, or any sport in any book. I usually don’t care about other stuff, unless it’s this: Bobby hit the ball 5 yards. He walked to the base. He was happy!

Sometimes I find myself putting a book down halfway through because it isn’t interesting enough to me. Have you ever done that? Do kids do that too?

I do this sometimes, because I either get bored with the story or because I find another book that’s better.

What would really turn off a book and make you put it down?

It’s hard to describe. It’s different every time.

What book or series are you reading right now?

Well, I just finished the last book in Witch & Wizard, so I’m working on finding a new series.

I have a really big question. It seems that every kid I know is reading James Patterson. What is the attraction of his books? Can you talk about those Maximum Ride books first that I see everywhere? What are they about and what’s so good about them?

I think that the attraction of his books are how there is always action, and if there isn’t action there’s drama or getting away from the bad guys. As for Maximum Ride, I haven’t read them.

Can you talk about the series you are reading now? What is it about? Is it different from the Maximum Ride series? What’s the most exciting thing about it?

I am not reading a series right now because I have just finally finished the third book of Witch & Wizard. It is about a boy and girl who have magical powers and are wanted by a new government. I don’t know if it’s different from Maximum Ride, because I haven’t read it. The most exciting thing about Witch & Wizard is probably all the fighting.

Which book are you reading in the series? Tell us what happens. Do you think that the books in this series (the sequels) are just as exciting as the first book, or are you just reading along to know what happens next?  

I just finished the third one, The Fire. In it, they finally defeat the main antagonist and live happily ever after. I think I just read for what happens next. I don’t know.

If you read a book in a series that’s not so good, would you read the next one?

Probably not.

The Maximum Ride books seem to be about half-human and half-bird characters, but Whit and Wisty in Witch and Wizard seem to be normal people. Which kind of story do you find more interesting? Are you interested in supernatural fantasies about werewolves, half human half bird creatures, and vampires, and so on?

I think I like stories where you don’t know someone has ‘powers’ until a bit later, so there’s an element of surprise.

Do you ask your parents or friends to read the books you like? Do they? Is there an added excitement when other people are reading a book you enjoyed, or are you fine just reading and enjoying a book by yourself?

I think it is a mix of who finds the books. It’s usually me or my parents. I am also just fine reading a book by myself.

Which kind of book do you enjoy more, a book like Six Innings or a book like the James Patterson series books? And why?

A book like Six Innings, because I can relate more to them playing baseball.

Compared to swimming, biking, hanging out with friends, or any other activities that you enjoy (tell us first which three are your top favorite activities), what is the pleasure of reading like? Can you describe what you enjoy about reading?

1. Baseball. 2. Swimming. 3. Reading. The pleasure of reading is probably knowing that if it’s a sad story it usually didn’t happen (If it’s not non-fiction or historical fiction) or if it’s a happy story you can believe it did happen. I like that kind of mix, where it almost always ends up happy.