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What are the best graphic novels out there?

I like Disney graphic novels, Big Nate graphic novels, and Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

There’s probably [other] really good ones. I just haven’t read them yet.

Tell me why they are the best you’ve read?

Well, because Big Nate and the Diary of a Wimpy Kids are books, they’re kind of picture books but they’re also graphic novels. Then the Disney ones. They’re full graphic novels but they’re also good because they’re secret agent stuff.

Can you name the Disney books?

Mickey Mouse. Scrooge McDuck. The Duck Tales.

Tell me, Mason, what is the appeal of the graphic novel for kids?

The appeal of a graphic novel…it’s kind of it’s not so much of the heavy content as you would have in a regular chapter book. You have the feel of a picture book but it’s not a picture book, because if you read a picture book at this age, you feel like a little kid, but these are not full picture books but they’re also not full novels.

I prefer to read graphic novels over novels and chapter books because you can see the character talking and you can see the setting and stuff and what he’s doing. Because I’ve always, like, wondered in some chapter books, there’s a character but what does the character really look like?

[I love this answer, so I ask…]So what do the pictures add in a graphic novel?

They add…knowing what the character looks like. You kind of feel good.

What makes one graphic novel better than another?

Probably, maybe some of the content. Some graphic novels are just like there’s a character and he’s like, “Oh I’m gonna go to the store and such and such.” [That’s] not as interesting. The story doesn’t pull you in.

Why do these stories in Big Nate and Diary of a Wimpy Kid pull you in?

They’re like…[In] DWK he goes to school and he gets picked on and then he comes home and he plays video games. It talks more about the characters.

So you feel like you know the character more?


What makes a story really enjoyable?

I like action and I kind of like biographies. They’re not really biographies but they just talk about a random made up character. I like to wonder about characters.

Tell me about good pictures and bad pictures.

Well, I wouldn’t say Diary of a Wimpy Kid has the best illustrations, or Big Nate. I would say Disney has a really good illustration, and the Adventures of Tintin. Because in Diary of a Wimpy Kid, they kind of look like stick figures and stuff. But Disney and Tintin, they spent time and drew it to make it look like a real person. That probably makes you more attentive to it. [A well drawn picture] makes you read it more. But in The Diary of a Wimpy Kid the content makes you want to read it more.

Do you think the person/illustrator in Diary of a Wimpy Kid didn’t know how to draw or he did that intentionally?

I think they probably did that intentionally because [in] this book Diary of a Wimpy Kid they kind of want to make it like a kid’s drawing it. [it’s] on purpose. But I still like the more real pictures. They’re great pictures and I like the great pictures.