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The other day a link came up on Holly Black’s Twitter feed, and, because Holly Black has yet to steer me wrong, I clicked it.

I am so glad I clicked it.

Black linked to a blog by Claudia Gray, who, as my Google-Fu tells me, is a young adult author mostly known for her Evernight series.  If you’re writing for teenage girls, if you know teenage girls, if you are a teenage girl, go read this post now.  But if you don’t have the time, let me get to the gist of it:

There are as many ways to be “girly” as there are girls in this world. There are always going to be people out there telling you that if you like things pop culture tells you are girly, you’re stupid, and that if you claim to like things pop culture tells you are guy stuff, you’re lying. And what I’m saying is that all these people are full of crap.

Love what you love. Be proud of it. Anybody who tells you what you “should” or “should not” like, because you’re a girl, is a big fat liar. You ARE like the other girls, like we all are, in that none of us came off some Female Assembly Line. We’re all individuals. We should all get to express it without being judged – either by pop culture or by ourselves.

It’s simple and it’s true and I have to admit that it makes me excited to be writing what I’m writing when I’m writing it.

Now I’m off to write about my girly main character who has crushes and listens to David Bowie and swears and kicks ass with a sword.