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The Magnificent Maha and the Ludicrous Lilli Discuss the Most Powerful Heroine in a Book.

Who is the most powerful heroine in a Book?

Maha: Katniss.

Lilli: Because she practically saves her little sister from going into the stupid, idiotic hunger games.

Maha: Because of her skill and her ability to fight and her need to protect herself and others.

Who is the most romantic evil guy in a book?

Lilli: Count Olaf because he tries to marry Violet to get her fortune.

How does that make him romantic??

Lilli: Because marrying is romantic.

Maha: Cato. Because he’s very vicious.

Lilli: But he kills girls and then laughs about it. He bites girls’ heads off!

Maha: Exactly. That’s the evil part. And he’s so evil, he’s romantically evil.

Whom should Bella choose, Edward or Jacob?

Maha: I think she should choose Jacob because otherwise she would lose Edward eventually because she would die before him or she would herself have to become a vampire and that wouldn’t be good for anyone.

Lilli: But she truly loves Edward in her heart.

Maha: But I think she should go with Jacob because it is good for him too because if they get together she won’t have to turn into anything and also Jacob will not be immortal and will live a normal human life. Just turn into a wolf occasionally.

Lilli: But I think in the last book they get married and have a baby.

Maha: But Jacob imprints on the baby.

What would happen if Voldemort met Count Olaf?

Lilli: They would be besties.

Maha: Voldemort would fall asleep with Count Olaf’s horrible tries at acting. And Lord Voldemort will not be able to believe Count Olaf’s ludicrousness.