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Which is your favorite book/series? What is it about?

My favorite book series is Maximum Ride. It’s about a group of six and eventually eleven kids that were kidnapped at birth and experimented on by evil scientist that get wings and other powers.  They escape and live in Coloradofor a while.  Then Angel, the youngest, is kidnapped again and when Max and the others go to rescue her they succeed andgo on a hunt to find out who their parents are. Max then gets a message from a mysterious voice, that no one else can hear, that tells her to save the world.

Why do you like it? 

It’s like a high violence, Jackie Chan, sci-fi, pre-apocalyptic version of the Box Car Children.  What’s not to like?

It seems pretty amazing to have wings and fly over the world. Is ita wish-fulfilling fantasy book or a dark book? Are there feel good bits? Funnybits? Is there a mystery? Can you give an overall sense of the feel of thebook? 

There are mainly funny bits.  Make that, silly, crazy, funny bits.  Aside from that it includes all of the otherparts like dark and wish-fulfilling fantasy and there are lots of mystery bitsincluding: Who is the voice Max hears in her head? Can Max really save theworld?  Is the scientist that rescued them from the science lab good or bad?

In the first story, Max’s purpose is to save the world. Do you likebooks in which a character has to save the world? 


Why do you think so many books are about this theme? 

Because they are the most popular among kids.

Why do you think kids like these kinds of stories? 

Because there are plenty of kids that want to save the world themselves.

So there are two groups of genetically enhanced people: half-human, halfbird kids and then half-human/half-wolf people (erasers) who are chasing thehalf-human/half-bird kids. Are the half-human/half-wolf kids all bad? 

No.  I think they are just misguided because mostof them are orphans or were raised from embryos and don’t know any better.

If you could meet James Patterson and have dinner with him, what onequestion would you ask him?

Are you going to do any other series with a similarplot to Maximum Ride?

In the first book, a lot of people complain that “it ends, but itdoesn’t finish.”  How should an author ideallyend a book when there is more coming in a series? What series does this reallywell?

Maximum Ride has the best endings because they are suspenseful and satisfying and they include excerpts from the next book in the seriesand in some special editions of books they give excerpts from every otherbook.

This book is described by various people as a thrilling rollercoaster ride, thriller/adventure, a fast-paced read, and so on. Do these kindsof books appeal to you?


Do quieter books have any chance against these fast-paced novels? I mean, is there any quiet book that you like as much as or more than the Maximum Ride books?

Well, I really like Harry Potter, but I prefer Maximum Ride,because one minute they’re flying, the next, they’re being attacked by cyborgs,whereas in Harry Potter, it takes them two pages to start dueling, then it’s overin a second.

It’s a series. Do the books get better or worse?

Better. But my cousin thinks they get worse.

Max says, “”If you dare read this story you become part of the Experiment.I know it sounds a little mysterious- but it’s all I can say for now,” -Max. What does this mean?

I think it means that if you read on, you’ll know too much,and be in danger.

How can an author make a young adult believe in something fantastic?

By inserting a thin band of logic and reality in the midst of outrageous fantasies.

For example, the Percy Jackson books are about children of gods! Harry Potter is about a school for wizards! And the Maximum Ride books are about genetically enhanced kids who can fly! Why does fantasy appeal to kids?

Because, like I said before, some kids want to go on fantasy journeys themselves.